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Sony Online Entertainment Seattle interview

5 April 2005 | Feature
Pixelrage: Which is the main reason for the cancellation of Mythica? The result of the study on the MMORPG market or the law process between Microsoft and Mythic Entertainment? Sony Online Enterta...
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Sid Meier's Pirates! Review score 86/100

7 December 2004 | Review
A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel between his legs: Arrgh, this wheel is driving me nuts!I always wanted to tell that stupid joke, but never got around to fitting it into the right conte...
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Silent Storm Review score 82/100

20 April 2004 | Review
The year is 1943 and the war rages on. A disaster is about to happen and, guess what, youíre the only one who can stop it. So get your coffee ready, stick your eyes on the monitor and letís proceed.Ma...
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SpellForce: The Order of Dawn Review score 88/100

23 February 2004 | Review
Let's start by asking ourselves what are the genres most associated with computer games. Let's see... There are three: action/shooters, strategy and RPG. What if I told you that there is a game that c...
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SpellForce: The Order of Dawn - english interview

15 February 2004 | Feature
PixelRage: In Romania Phenomic is not so well-known. Can you tell us more things about your future plans? Jan Wagner: Well, as you know by now, we have an add-on planned and SpellForce 2 is also t...
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Sacred - english interview

15 January 2004 | Feature
PixelRage: Please, introduce yourself and tell us something about Ascaron, important achievements accomplished so far, and future plans. Alan Wild: Hi there. My nameís Alan Wild and I am the Produ...
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