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The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
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Skyrim essential tweaks

Well people here is our list of known, tested and worthy Skyrim tweaks.
Also a bunch of mod that we recommend.
Be sure to check back often as we'll keep the list updated.

Basic Tweaks

- Avoid setting the shadows on Ultra. Keep them on High as the difference is minimal but Ultra really hits the framerate and the blockiness stays more or less the same.
- Uncheck in the launcher graphics advanced options the "Object Detail Fade" under the View Diostance tab. By doing so the game will render at better detail objects like castles far away.
- Those brave enough and with 4Gb of RAM can download the Large Adress Aware program and patch your tesv.exe too support more than 2Gb of RAM. Back-up your file first of course.
- Use FXAA if you preffer a slightly blurry image but without any jaggies as

Advanced tweaks

All tweaks go into [My Documents][My Games][Skyrim]SkyrimPrefs.ini

- Enabling "Data Files" in the launcher - for mods
add this to the [Launcher] section

- Enable anti aliasing for transparent textures (includes some foliage, water, etc).

Disable if you get transparent faces or other glitches.

- Enable shadows on trees and all terrain!

- Try to reduce mose lag

- Boost overall audio volume

- Remove various on-screen markers and compass for immersiveness. They will still be available through the menus.

Recommended Mods

Skyrim sunglare mod - adds cinematic sunglare, an Oblivion favourite
Skyrim Enhanced Blood textures mod - one of the first retexture mods that came out and one of the best
Skyrim Estbern sound fix - this is a MUST currently as quests are bugged without it
Large Address Aware for Skyrim - this is the utility mentioned in the Basic Tweaks section
Skyrim Death Cam Duration mod - leaves the game running after you die for a number of seconds


Posted by newman [Tuesday, 15 November 2011 - 14:57]

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