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Mythica (Cancelled)
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Sony Online Entertainment Seattle interview

Pixelrage: Which is the main reason for the cancellation of Mythica? The result of the study on the MMORPG market or the law process between Microsoft and Mythic Entertainment?

Sony Online Entertainment Seattle: I can tell you that the law process between Microsoft and Mythic was not the main reason. I really canít disclose much more than that. It was a great team and an awesome game that didnít make it to the end. I wouldnít trade that experience for anything.

Pixelrage: If Mythica would be released, what chances do you consider it would had agains all those highly rated MMORPG ?

SOE Seattle: We had some very unique gameplay and features that were different from what is out right now. In the time frame it would have shipped, it might have been able to capture the new flood of MMP players out there.

Pixelrage: What important facts can you give us about the members of the new Soe studio?

SOE Seattle: John Smith is Canadian, Alex Pfaffe builds his own chain mail, Craig Link is an avid snowboarder, Chad Barry is an Anime junkie, Corey Dangel wears black 4 out of 5 days, Hal Milton is a very competent musician, and I just bought some chickens.

Pixelrage: What role would Matt and Ed will have on the new studio?

SOE Seattle: My role is Studio Manager and Executive Producer on the new project. Ed will be consulting with our team and SOE in various roles including game design and strategy.

Pixelrage: What platforms will be used for development? Playstation or PC?

SOE Seattle: We always look at our game for multiple platforms including both console and PC.

Pixelrage: What do you think about the hard fight between Xbox and Playstation? What advantages or disadvantages will bring think competition?

SOE Seattle: Itís been interesting to see both sides of the console wars. Both have some very interesting features coming out, but in the end, it will be the games they attract that are exclusive that will determine their success or failure.

Pixelrage: What do you think about the new consoles? What do you see in the future for this market?

SOE Seattle: I preordered my PSP with Untold Legends just recently. The promise of a handheld that has content and gameplay on it similar to current consoles is very exciting. Also the convergence of different media types other than just games is very interesting. I canít wait to travel with my PSP and listen to music, play a game and watch a movie. This seems like a natural course for the consoles and I canít wait to see whatís in our future for these devices.

Pixelrage: What future plans does Sony has? What is the first title of SOE Seattle?

SOE Seattle: We donít want to deliver yet another fantasy RPG. We have strong feelings on what makes a great experience in this space how to move the genre forward. Our new projects focus on delivering a great experience to the players that is more focused on elements you would normally only find in single player games. We want to bring more entertainment to the space, and not just the same thing with a different color.

Pixelrage: Why the need of a new studio?

SOE Seattle: SOEís business is subscription based entertainment. Our focus at FireAnt was to move this space forward with more of a mainstream approach. We also know that the Seattle area is primed with great talent to pull from for game development. Those reasons along with the great coffee up here that you just canít get in San Diego, made it the logical place to start a new Studio.

Pixelrage: I see that you took a lot of members from FireAnt, members with a lot of experience, considering the titles where working on: Dungeon Siege, Asheron's Call, Ultima Online, Wing Commander, and many more . What was the reason that Sony hired them, and why not others?

SOE Seattle: SOE hired our entire team from FireAnt. Our goal at FireAnt was to establish a team with experience that had a common goal and execute on something that really helps move the MMO market to mainstream appeal. The team is very excited to be part of SOE, and we look forward to the challenges ahead.

Posted by PixelRage [Tuesday, 05 April 2005 - 16:18]

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