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Skyrim essential tweaks

15 November 2011 
Well people here is our list of known, tested and worthy Skyrim tweaks. Also a bunch of mod that we recommend. Be sure to check back often as we'll keep the list updated. Basic Tweaks ...
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MK9 Krypt Items

7 October 2011 
  Bloodmarsh :       Koffin: BM1 1080 Gold Koins Living Forest Speed Painting 2       Koffin: BM2 920 Gold Koins Mileena Fatality (Rip Off)  ...
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Rage tweaking guide

6 October 2011 
(guide is updated with new stuff. be sure to check back laterz)   Commands go into [Rage][base]rageconfig.cfg com_allowConsole 1 enables the console but forfeits achevements ...
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Duke Nukem Forever Cheats

11 June 2011 
Cheat mode Successfully complete the game to unlock the following cheat options at the "Extras" menu: Duke 3D Freeze Ray, Grayscale Mode, Head Scale, Infinite Ammo, Instagib, Invincibil...
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The Witcher 2 tweak guide

19 May 2011 
Access the advanced options through the launcher. -Texture downscaling: higher values result in lower texture quality. -Texture memory size: sets the amount of graphics card memory allocated ...
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Crysis 2 PC cheats

29 March 2011 
Cheat: Console Cheats Open the cheat console window by pressing ~ (or the key above Tab), then enter con_restricted 0 and hit Enter. Now you can enter the following cheats for the desired effec...
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Risen Q&A with Ralf Marczinczik

10 December 2008 
With the help of persistence, the Google German-to-English translator and great luck we managed to catch Ralf Marczinczik - graphic artist @ Piranha Bytes and then quickly proceeded to ask him questio...
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On The Rain-slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 1

3 June 2008 
Penny Arcade AdventuresDemo DownloadEvery now and then, critics in domains where criticism is due decide to show they’re not all talk but actually able to create some of the stuff they badmouth others...
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Fallout 3 Preview

11 December 2007 
“War, war never changes” And indeed it doesn't. This is the phrase that kept gamers awake for nearly 10 years as Black Isle gave them the bread and water they needed under the for...
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Auto Assault interview

16 March 2006 
Interviewee: Scott "Scorch" Brown, president, NetDevil What is Auto Assault background? Can you tell us about this game’s birth? What was the idea that stood at the base of this game? When we starte...
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