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10 awesome PC Games you can play on your shitty laptop

13 August 2012 
Ok, so you went mobile and got yourself (or got yourself stuck with) a laptop/netbook/ultrabook or sleazybook. Your reasons are your own. Probably, as time passed, you actually needed to get a job ...
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Windows 7 32-bit with full 4 GB or 8 GB RAM support

9 February 2012 
Article was llifted from UNAWAVE to whom we tank very much for their rigurosity in debunking the whole story (and providing the kernel patch!) In the Internet often haunts the statement a 32-bi...
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13 Oblivion mods that should not have been

28 September 2010 
Than should not have been mods that is.... From the start i will tell you that i am pro original user content for my games BUT certainly NOT to the point that i'm going to install...
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