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Risen 2 : Dark Waters Review score 88/100

29 May 2012 
Risen 2 : Dark Waters (late) review     I was in no hurry to finish Risen 2 for a number of reasons the first being that I hate waiting years for the next Piranha Bytes game....
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Assassin's Creed Review score 87/100

11 December 2007 
Everything random in this game repeats itself The above paragraph represents the Achilles heel of this game. It's the "game breaker", the element which will make a lot of people ...
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Empire Earth III Review score 52/100

6 December 2007 
"drop dead, gorgeous" Six years ago, the idea of building a civilization from scratch and rushing it to the end of time really appealed to Sierra Entertainment. What if gamers were not satisfied with...
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review score 89/100

16 November 2007 
            “Alright children, welcome to the storytelling corner of the cryptkeeper”    Let us start with the beginning,...
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The Witcher Review score 89/100

14 November 2007 
The Witcher review “This is the game they've always wanted to make in a genre they love and a universe that inspired them”. So far, 2007 has been a pretty disappointing year...
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Gears of War (PC) Review score 90/100

9 November 2007 
Gears of War PC review If my lack of enthusiasm for this game is a bit obvious I apologize, but I've played Gears on the 360 to death, which is actually a good thing, as I can offer irrelev...
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Gothic 3 Review score 96/100

30 October 2006 
Sometimes, one might wonder if the constant upgrading of his machine in order to keep up with the latest titles is worth it. Maybe it is, maybe it's not, however if you have any doubts, play Go...
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Sid Meier's Pirates! Review score 86/100

7 December 2004 
A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel between his legs: Arrgh, this wheel is driving me nuts!I always wanted to tell that stupid joke, but never got around to fitting it into the right conte...
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Need For Speed Underground 2 Review score 85/100

22 November 2004 
Riders on the StormPart of it won't go away, but then it's always good when something nice is chosen to stay. So we find ourselves once more at the wheel, squeezing the pierced pedal to the custom ste...
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Half-Life 2 Review score 97/100

18 November 2004 
And if you don't believe...I have issues. Let me explain. Don't let me fool you into believing that I'm special or something like that. No. I want to introduce myself as a regular person, who likes to...
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