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Arma 2
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ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Patch 1.62  
 Downloads 11181
 Size 52.21 MB
 Date 25 July 2012
 Type Patches Patches


* Multiplayer optimizations, security and server improvements 
* Overall stability was improved with numerous tweaks and fixes
* Added new video options (Post-Process Anti-Aliasing, Alpha To Coverage)
* Additional AI improvements and numerous bug fixes 
* Resolved issues with several training missions
* Added a lot of new script commands for content makers 
Version 1.60-1.62 Changelog
ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead / Combined Operations Engine
[94918] New: command unit addMagazine[name, ammoCount] 
[94912] Fixed: Video memory detection on W7/x64 sometimes wrong because of bug in IDirect3DDevice9::GetAvailableTextureMem. 
[94886] Fixed: Possible gear item duplication 
[94761] TBB 4.0 update 5, (tbb40_20120613oss, 
[94699] Tweak Reinhard tonemapping pars 
[94629] Fixed: Wrong magazines are removed with weapon in briefing gear. 
[94206] Fixed: Disabled channels can be bypassed in briefing screen 
[94049] New: terrainIntersectASL command 
[94049] Fixed: terrainIntersect reverted to ATL 
[94002] Fixed: PlayerId changed for users using Reinforcements or Arma X Anniversary edition to prevent PlayerId conflicts. 
[94001] Fixed: "enableItemsDropping = 0;" now even for MP clients 
[94001] New: moonIntensity command 
[94001] New: sunOrMoon command 
[93989] Changed: When dropping weapon unrelated magazine will not be dropped 
[93958] New: Dropping items while swimming can be disabled with "enableItemsDropping = 0;" in description.ext 
[93945] New: In gear added bars with ammo count 
[93945] New: setGearSlotAmmoCount, setIDCAmmoCount, gearIDCAmmoCount, gearSlotAmmoCount gear commands 
[93897] New: AToC & PPAA added into UI video options 
[93841] Fixed: AI using NVGs as binoculars after dropping their primary weapon 
[93821] Changed: Authentication Timeout is distinguished from bad CD key 
[93812] Fixed: Restrict gamma value set by profile 
[93809] Fixed: Restrict brightness value set by profile 
[93722] Fixed: Effects of setDamage to buildings different on clients and server 
[93701] Fixed: Changing gear in briefing screen is not working reliable in MP 
[93680] Optimized: MP: attachTo no longer sends a message when the attachment does not change. 
[93672] Fixed: Unable to access AI soldier's gear in map 
[93670] Fixed: Prone units stop engaging 
[93664] Fixed: Damage of buildings synchronization in MP after JIP 
[93657] Fixed: Target is no longer stored in the long-term target list when forgotten for the second time 
[93654] Improved: Tone mapping 
[93652] New: Scripting functions visiblePositionASL and nearestBuilding position 
[93648] New: Scripting functions ASLToATL and ATLToASL to convert between coordinate systems. 
[93624] Changed: Scripting function weaponDirection returns a primary weapon direction when empty string is used as a weapon name. 
[93622] New: Scripting function eyeDirection. 
[93598] New: Scripting functions eyePos object and aimPos object 
[93583] Fixed: Player-created markers not synchronised with JIP clients 
[93575] Fixed: StringLoad command reads unicode 
[93570] Fixed: Player-made map markers disappearing in MP under certain circumstances 
[93542] New: MP Statistics screen (key I) contains the Server hostname 
[93528] Fixed: Max distance for DirectChat raised from 20m to 40m 
[93415] Fixed: empty weaponHolder is not deleted when used by remote player 
[93398] New: System chat like player connected/disconnected switched to CCSystem=6 channel. New configuration opportunity disableChannels[]={chan1,chan2,...}; in mission description.ext file possible. 
[93294] Fixed: Multiple Object not found problems such as Server: Object 6:4 not found (message 124) 
[93276] New: terrainIntersect command 
[93273] New: lineIntersects, lineIntersectsWith commands 
[93156] Changed: increased gear MP messages priority 
[93146] Fixed: LOD blending 
[93120] Fixed: JIP connecting players less affect other players network bandwith 
[93117] Fix: Crash: - caused by fix: "LOD blending not working reliably (rev. 93017) 
[93017] Fixed: LOD blending not working reliably 
[92956] Fixed: Sound: Music often stop playing after window focus is lost and regained 
[92925] Fixed: switching backpack with dead unit in MP 
[92821] Fixed: Joining unit in the vehicle to a different side group did not change the perceived side of the unit. 
[92781] Fixed: SelectPlayer makes direct communication unreliable 
[92754] Fixed: scaling icons with grenade cursor 
[92706] TBB 4.0 update 4, 
[92705] Fixed: Possible crash when in out of VRAM conditions because of a race condition. 
[92679] Fixed: A Javelin missile often did not lock a target when playing with a Veteran or harder difficulty 
[92612] Fixed: SelectPlayer in MP can break the Direct Chat or cause other MP issues. 
[92582] Fixed: AI detection after load 
[92463] Fixed: AToC ATi 77xx 
[92071] Changed: Observer RPT messages now once per 60 sec, 
[92061] Fixed: AtoC on nVidia for CSAA 
[92059] PPAA pars tweak & SMAA use color edge detection method 
[91173] New: Registry driven mod can contain list of required mods in its REQUIRE string value (the same syntax as for LOADAFTER). Moreover, the reg.value CANDISABLE="0" can be used to make the Disable button disabled. 
[91055] Fixed: Respawn with backpack 
[90909] Fixed: crash of Linux server when player with custom face connects 
[90901] New: setUnitRecoilCoefficient command 
[89964] Fixed: Linux servers were never green in server list. 
[89899] Fixed: Helicopter is more accurate with unguided rockets 
[89898] Fixed: Secondary gunner tracks enemies 
[89603] Fixed: A possible crash when textures were loading too slow from the disk. 
[89523] Fixed: Crash during engine termination from multiplayer game. 
[89361] Fixed: Linux server slow startup 
[89205] New: Player can look up/down using a mouse while driving land/water vehicles. 
[89201] New: SMAA antialiasing introduced, use PPAA=3, PPAALevel=0..3 in Arma2OA.cfg. 
[89104] New: Implemented automatic looking intro turns when driving a car with a mouse. 
[89086] Experimental: A different way to handle mouse steering is implemented for cars, tanks, boats and bikes. 
[89079] Fixed: Multiple reload sounds in mp 
[89011] New: A cursor is shown to provide a visual feedback when steering a car. 
[88975] Fixed: Multiple reload sounds in MP 
[88948] Improved: Airplane thrust and brakes can now be applied at the same time. 
[88947] New: Full joystick axis can be mapped by mapping both positive and negative part of the same axis (map negative first to use the axis inverted) 
[88918] Improved: AI scanning for the target more when a visual contact is lost. 
[88890] Improved: AI vehicles scanning area with their weapons when target position is not known exactly. 
[88870] Fixed: AI vehicles sometimes see player outside their field of view 
[88850] Fixed: AI was sometimes able to reveal a unit which has detonated a satchel 
[88726] Fixed: Frequent client/server crashes in MP (when merging multipacket messages) 
[88269] Changed: Application name changed to "ArmA 2 OA" for "ArmA 2 Reinforcements". 
[88195] Improved: -beta mods now always loaded first 
[88147] Add: Optional FXAA sharp filter, *.cfg "FXAASharp" 
[88119] Improved: AI spotting reducing in high speed moving vehicles more accurate now (movement direction is considered). 
[88111] Fixed: Unguided rockets no longer explode when passed by the target 
[88110] Fixed: AI gunner hits the ground with manually guided missile when "Auto guided AT" is disabled 
[88015] Fixed: Aircraft gunner firing even when manual fire was selected by a pilot 
[87963] Optimized: Reduced memory footprint in complex missions. 
[87840] New: Added scripting command productVersion 
[87837] Changed: Addons config value requiredVersion ignored for easier addon sharing between various products (A2, TOH). 
[87824] Changed: Removed support for config parameter nightVision 
[87768] Fixed: AI vehicles crews seeing targets badly 
[87755] Fixed: Player automatically reveals targets which AI would never see 
[87746] Fixed: Looking around no longer possible when combat mode changes in vehicle 
[87745] New: Cheat Shift+Minus+FPS to allow artificially limit FPS for testing to 40,20,10,5. 
[87740] Improved: Targeting and firing always commanded by observer. 
[87706] Improved: AI laser target detection at large distances improved. 
[87692] Fixed: Manual guidance not working for a helicopter gunner 
[87659] Fixed: AI was unable to engage invisible laser targets used for SSM 
[87658] Fixed: Command doTarget on friendly unit did not work 
[87655] Fixed: Text parameter file parsing not reliable 
[87654] Improved: A behaviour of the leader player is now assumed to be the most restrictive behaviour of his subordinates 
[87652] Fixed: AI always turned out when player is effective commander in cargo 
[87646] Fixed: MP: Bullet hits of remote units not visible over large distance 
[87645] Changed: Default memory allocator is now tbb4malloc_bi instead of tbb3malloc_bi 
[87643] Fixed: Manually guided missiles lost control when reaching 1500 m distance 
[87640] New: RVExtension dll interface implemented 
[87640] Improved: AI sometimes did not start firing at enemy which passed quickly just in front of it. 
[87640] Fixed: AI unable to target crew in vehicles other than tracked ones 
[87640] Improved: AI units now give more preference to close targets
ARMA 2 / ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead Data
fixed : [OA] SC 48 Sector Control is missing ammo for Mk17 EGLM RCO and Mk17 TWS SD
changed : [OA] New set of multiplayer chat colors
added : New Video Options (PPAA, AToC)
fixed : Boot Camp 02: 
fixed : Boot Camp E08: 
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