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Cabal Online
Developer: ESTsoft Category: MMOGOfficial site  
Cabal Online Latest Client download  
 Downloads 88
 Size 1.47 GB
 Date 21 March 2013
 Type Full Game Full Game


version 6.5.9



CABAL Online client version 652, updated to Rising Force Extreme.


The game combines the best in console game action moves with online game community features. In addition, unlike many other MMORPGs, it also has an end to the months of battle at which time you can choose where you stand in the world war and mass guild warfare.

This great action setting is further enhanced by awesome graphics and has a westernized feel to the game unseen in many Korean MMORPGs. Over 300 dungeons offer players a choice of solo and party dungeons and a wide variety of entertaining action including abundant quests and challenges to flex your brain power! Outside the high action content there is familiar crafting, in-game markets (with an unusual twist) and in-game lottery just for the fun of it!

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