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Haunt 1.1 Download Windows 64  
 Downloads 93
 Size 337.48 MB
 Date 2 April 2013
 Type Full Game Full Game

Welcome to Haunt!

Haunt (originally named Haunt: The Real Slender Game) is independent adventure/horror game project inspired by Parsec Productions Slender: The Eight Pages¯, which was based on Victors Surge Slender-man¯ idea.
Our project can be called FPH¯ (First Person Horror cool, huh? ;)) and actual version of this game is still in beta stage. More important thing is that Haunt: TRSG¯ that uses slender-game gameplay has become some kind of prototype for much more bigger project, that will provide unique story, gameplay elements, environment and will be inspired by many paranormal activities that appeared in our world. Yes “ we will do anything to keep it free “ even in case of Haunts successor. It is all in your hands!
Haunt incoming features (ver. 1.0):
- Fixes for all bugs you have mentioned
- Raised Slender¯ agro at Gamer and Paranormal difficulties
- Improved environment (with more characteristic points near crossroads)
- Some sound FX improvements (NO! LEAVE THE HORSE-DOORS!)
- Player pawn¯ will be added (check our newest screenshots)
- Ultra-Vision prototype (in fact it™s useless in this game at the moment¦ but looks nice! ;))
- New main menu
Long-term features:
- Unique story (that is in fact already written and ready to develop)
- New gameplay elements ( like ultra-vision, ghost mirror, camera, photographic darkroom etc.)
- NPCs with complex facial animation (for example aggressive bum met in abandoned building, old woman that hires us to check her haunted house etc)
- Inspiration taken from real paranormal activities (you can believe them or not “ but they are scary as¦)
- Ghost hunter¯ tools (some of them mentioned above)
- More dynamic narration and gameplay

Haunt TheRealSlenderGame trailer from ParanormalDev on Vimeo.