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The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
Developer: Bethesda Softworks Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Category: RPGRelease date: 11 November 2011Official site  
Large Address Aware for Skyrim  
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 Date 15 November 2011
 Type Tools Tools

This is an application that assists in making applications large address aware. When a 32-bit application is Large Address Aware, it can access up to 4 GiB on x64 operating systems and up to 3 GiB on x86. 64-bit versions of Windows require no modifications to the operating system to benefit from this application; however, in 32-bit versions of Windows, you must increase the user memory setting. Instructions how to do this are in spoiler below. It is not advised to use this application if you have less than 3 GiB of RAM.

This application may not work on older executables (predating 2000).

Version History:
2.0.4 - Drag and Drop now only accepts executables. Added Remove -> From List and History -> All and Selected menu options. This is useful for if you enable "Load Previous Files."
2.0.3 - Adds an option for loading previous files. Note that enabling this, the application will hang on startup or immediately after checking it as it attempts to load all the files previously examined by the application.
2.0.2 - Fixed a major bug in 2.0.1 that would prevent it from working.
2.0.1 - Adds basic multithreading support.
2.0.0 - Has three modes (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced) with drag and drop support, the capability of handling multiple files simutaneously, and numerous other major changes.


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