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Legend of Silkroad (LOS) (PC)
Developer: JC Planet Category: MMOGRelease date: 1 April 2014  
Legend of Silkroad latest client download  
 Downloads 895
 Size 2.01 GB
 Date 26 February 2014
 Type Full Game Full Game

JC Planet released their upcoming historical fantasy MMORPG, Legend of Silkroad. The game setting is based on the ancient times when Silk Road was a series of trade routes through regions of the Asian continent connecting the West and East.

Legend of Silkroad will feature trade-route battles where three kingdoms will fight to control the Silk Route, competitive PvP through a rivalry between Thieves and Bounty Hunters who will fight to protect the Caravans, and Sieges. In terms of PvE players will enjoy various real historical Quests and auto balanced Dungeons that will scale based on how many players will take part in these adventures.

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