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Quest for Glory 2 Remake
Developer: AGDInteractive Publisher: AGDInteractive Category: AdventureOfficial site  
Quest for Glory 2 Remake PC  
 Downloads 223
 Size 71.07 MB
 Date 28 April 2011
 Type Full Game Full Game

Hey everyone! Following in the familiar footsteps of its little brother, King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown v4.0, we at AGD Interactive are pleased (and very relieved) to finally announce the latest and greatest version of King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones for your playing pleasure!

Like its recently released predecessor, this version is less of an update and more of a complete overhaul. You will find that many of the same aspects have been improved, enhanced, and updated, as was the case with the King's Quest I remake. However, given King's Quest II's strong story-driven plot and memorable characters, the improvements really have a chance to shine in this game! We're all very happy with the final result, and hopefully the few little quirks that existed in previous versions have been ironed out, so that this game can stand alongside the classical greats like King's Quest VI, as far as quality and gameplay enjoyment are concerned.

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