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sim city 2000
Developer: Maxis Publisher: Maxis Category: Strategy  
Sim City 2000  
 Downloads 274110
 Size 2.55 MB
 Date 1 March 2009
 Type Full Game Full Game

SimCity 2000 is the successor to the ground breaking city simulation game Sim City. You are once again the mayor, but this time you can fully customize the terrain before building your city. The graphics are isometric, whereas the original had graphics displayed in a top-down fashion.

SimCity 2000 adds numerous features over the original such as the ability of building "light" zones, subways, hospitals, colleges, zoos, and arcos which are actually cities in cities. You can now give names to places, and your city is surrounded by neighboring towns with which you can make trade. Finally, instead of the poll in the first game you now have the option of reading several newspapers to get an idea of your progress.

Make sure to get DOSBox so that you can play DOS games in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux easily!
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