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The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim
Developer: Bethesda Softworks Publisher: Bethesda Softworks Category: RPGRelease date: 11 November 2011Official site  
Skyrim Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition  
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 Size 14.54 MB
 Date 4 February 2012
 Type Mods Mods

Caliente's Body Mod - Big Bottom Edition v3.0

This is a replacer for the Skyrim female body models that offers a more curvacious figure.  If you loved the HGEC bodies from oblivion, you will feel right at home with this one -- it is based on the proportions of that mod.

This version maintains much the same look of the previous versions, while providing a way to customize the body in numerous ways.  Now included with the main files are new hands and feet meshes and seamless textures.

This package includes the following body options and tools.  

-CBBE curvy:  The default curvy shape, found in the top level directory of the package.  Install the meshes and textures folder here first to get hands and feet meshes as well.

In Options:
    A version with smaller breasts and less shadowing in the textures
    a version with a shape closely resembling that of the default skyrim bodies, with some enhacements in the chest area
optionsNevernude (slim,curvy,and vanilla):
    versions of the above bodies with underwear covering the naughty bits.

Created by Caliente

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