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Ultima IX : Ascension
Developer: Origin Systems Publisher: Electronic Arts Category: RPG  
Ultima 9 Ascension patch 1.19h  
 Downloads 165
 Size 974.34 KB
 Date 24 January 2013
 Type Patches Patches

Patch 1.19h - Third Forgotten World patch for Ultima IX. This one adds a multitude of fixes including fixes for the Runes/Sigils at the Shrines, the Moonglow Catacombs elevator, and the demon bug in Valoria.

Patch 1.19g - Second Forgotten World patch for Ultima IX. This one adds Mariah and Jaana to Moonglow and Yew and includes the music fix of the first patch. Requires patch 1.19f.

Patch 1.19f.01 - First Forgotten World patch for Ultima IX. This one fixes the music bugs in Valoria, Skara Brae, and Minoc. Requires patch 1.19f.

Patch 1.19f - Unofficial Patch by Origin Developer to improve graphics and fix a few other issues. Note this removes the safe disc protection, which overall improves the game's performance. Requires patch 1.18f.

Patch 1.18f - Final Official Patch by Origin. Updates any prior Ultima IX version to 1.18f

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