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Developer: Widelands Developer Category: Strategy  
Widelands for Windows  
 Downloads 225
 Size 9.59 MB
 Date 18 April 2006
 Type Full Game Full Game

Widelands is a strategy game aiming for gameplay similar to Settlers II by BlueByte.
In this game, you start out on a small piece of land with nothing more thana few of useful resources. Using those, you can build yourself an empire with many thousands of inhabitants. On your way towards this goal, you will have to build up an economic infrastructure, explore the lands around you and face enemies who are trying to rule the world just like you do.

Check out the Widelands project homepage:

Widelands is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). For more information, see the file 'COPYING' or select the License button from the main menu.


Widelands is now on the step of being playable, but to become more playable volunteers are needed. Your contributions (yes, I'm talking to you) are required, especially in the area of graphics, to make Widelands a better game

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