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The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings
Developer: CD Projekt Publisher: Atari Category: RPGRelease date: Q2 of 2011.Official site  
Witcher 2 patch 3.3  
 Downloads 98
 Size 384.54 MB
 Date 4 March 2013
 Type Stuff Stuff

Patch 3.3 adds modifications to Aard and Quen. The modifications are applied when a relevant shrine is found and used in game and they can be disabled in DLC settings in Options. It also adds auto-detection of the controller.
  1. Activating a relevant shrine changes Quen into Solar Quen adding a 10% chance for an attacker to be incinerated when hitting Geralt.
  2. Activating a relevant shrine changes Aard into Ice Aard adding a 20% chance of freezing opponents hit with the sign.
  3. The controller (gamepad/keyboard+mouse) is detected automatically.
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