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9Dragons Reincarnation
Developer: Zerodin Category: MMOGOfficial site  
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9Dragons Reincarnation gamebox

9Dragons is a martial arts MMORPG set in the ancient China. Ten years have passed since a great war ravaged the land, and after the loss of their mystical leaders, the great clans are slowly rebuilding their numbers, their reputation and their honour.

9Dragons features more than 100 different Kung Fu-combat styles and more than 1000 different weapons. Players will have to find their own path to make their name and maybe learn the mystery of the Nine Dragons!

Will you join one of the six major clans, each with their own secret and powerful Kung Fu and philosophy? Or will you try to make your own way as a clanless vagabond? Will you fight for the Imperial Army, or join the rebellion led by the Heavenly Demons?


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9Dragons Reincarnation German Client Full Game 365.69 MB 22:36 - 21 03 2012 
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