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Agricultural Simulator 2013
Developer: UIG Entertainment Publisher: UIG Entertainment Category: SimulationRelease date: 22 October 2012  
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Agricultural Simulator 2013 gamebox

Agricultural Simulator 2013 tasks players with overseeing all areas of agricultural management such as producing and selling goods, buying livestock and machinery as well as expanding their lands to grow their farming enterprise. Building on the success of the 2012 prequel, Agricultural Simulator 2013 introduces a wealth of new features including the dynamic terrain with real furrows and over 100 tractors and extensions. These vehicles will need be maintained regularly as use and the elements will affect their condition, adding a new level of realism to the game.  

Players will now be able to create their farming empire in the vast rural landscapes of the United States in addition to the enchanting Tuscan countryside and the dramatic mountain vistas of The Alps with a new game map.   Agricultural Simulator 2013 also features new ‘Sales Hotspots’ across the map making trading more conducive as well as the ‘Helper-System’ which give players the opportunity to hire farmhands to assist with the farming tasks in single-player mode.

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