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Crysis Warhead
Developer: Crytek Publisher: Electronic Arts Category: ShooterRelease date: Q4 of 2008.Official site  
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Crysis 1.5 ...

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Latest Crysis Warhead News  
Crysis Wars free trial 14:03 - 06 10 2008
This week you can download for free Crysis Wars, the multiplayer version for Crysis Warhead.All you need to do is register at exchange for this, you get free Crysis Wars LAN play all the week and free play on the GameSpy servers i... 
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Crysis Warhead tweak guide 11:38 - 26 09 2008 has posted their guide for Crysis Warhead, informative as usual.Take a peek for the advenced juice-squeezing options.In terms of performance, the situation is still not what many would expect or desire a year after Crysis was release... 
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Crysis Warhead GOLD 17:09 - 25 08 2008
Crysis Warhead, the game I expect like crazy since I've finished not Crysis it's finally GOLD.The game will make contact with the store shelves on September 16 in the US and September 12 in Europe. 
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