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Dark Souls 2
Developer: Namco Publisher: Namco Category: RPGRelease date: 31 May 2014Official site  
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Dark Souls 2 gamebox

This is the sequel to a game that reintroduced hardcore fighting and frustration to the new generation of push X to continue players :)

Latest Dark Souls 2 Screenshots   
Dark Souls 2 screenshot 14Dark Souls 2 screenshot 13
Dark Souls 2 screenshot 12Dark Souls 2 screenshot 11
Dark Souls 2 screenshot 10Dark Souls 2 screenshot 9
Latest Dark Souls 2 News  
A lot of Dark Souls 2 screenshots 23:20 - 17 01 2014
Check out below many Dark Souls 2 screenshots released today  
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Dark Souls 2 Cursed trailer 20:30 - 17 01 2014
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Dark Souls 2 first demo 12:48 - 25 04 2013
Check out the first look at Dark Souls 2 as presented by the game director himself :  
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