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Dead Cyborg (Windows, Linux and Mac) Episode 1
Developer: Endre Barath Publisher: Endre Barath Category: AdventureRelease date: 11 August 2011Official site  
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Dead Cyborg (Windows, Linux and Mac) Episode 1 gamebox

Dead Cybor is a free, donation based sci-fi adventure game for Windows, Linux and Mac. Inspired by Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, the story is about the meaning of life and death in a rusty post-apocalyptic metal and concrete world.

If you are keen on exploring the levels of fps games, you like the old text adventures, or the sci-fi classics (like Lem, Dick, Bradbury etc.) - you will like this game.



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Latest Dead Cyborg (Windows, Linux and Mac) Episode 1 Downloads  
Dead Cyborg Ep 1 Windows Full Game 0 Bytes 11:27 - 11 12 2012 
Dead Cyborg Ep 1 for Linux Full Game 0 Bytes 11:25 - 11 12 2012 
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