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Dragon Age
Developer: Bioware Publisher: Big Ben Category: RPGOfficial site  
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Latest Dragon Age Screenshots   
Dragon Age screenshot 11Dragon Age screenshot 10
Dragon Age screenshot 9Dragon Age screenshot 8
Dragon Age screenshot 7Dragon Age screenshot 6
Latest Dragon Age News  
Preety Dragon Age Screenies 07:44 - 06 03 2009
Behold the preety..ish Unreal Engine 3 powered Dragon Age pictures... 
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Dragon Age Grey Wardens trailer 15:53 - 24 02 2009
Bioware has released a new trailer for Dragon Age.The movie features the Grey Wardens battling the darkspawn threat.  
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More Dragon Age video demo 21:02 - 20 09 2008
Part 3 and 4 of the narrated video demo for Dragon Age Origins.Check out the first two parts in case you missed'em. 
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