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Escape From Paradise City
Developer: Sirius Games Publisher: CDV Category: RPGRelease date: 19 October 2007Official site  
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Escape From Paradise City gamebox

In an atmosphere that combines the underworld and the fantastic, the player will be required to infiltrate the gangs of Paradise City for the NSA (National Security Agency). The character the player chooses to incarnate will develop as he claws his way up the echelons of the underworld. His influence on the city, the businesses, the payoffs and the number of confrontations with rival gangs, will enable him to gain experience and become powerful enough to take control of a district and a real gang in order to protect strategic points in his territory. Once he is established in his patch, the player must extend his influence to other parts of Paradise City. To do this, he must manage his new territories in the best way he can, achieve various missions, recruit numerous henchmen, defend himself against attacks from opposing gangs, run his businesses with optimum efficiency and consider carefully which other districts to annex, depending on their resources, their features and also on the skills associated with them. Once established in a district, the player will have to extend his influence over other districts in Paradise City... where the gang war raging for control of the metropolis is led by a violent, highly organized secret society at the head of which are a coterie of terrifyingly dangerous and powerful figures that, it seems, no bullet will stop.

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Escape From Paradise City Exclusive Character Trailer 07:44 - 25 09 2007
Developed by the Danish studio Sirius Games, “Escape from Paradise City” is an explosive mix between RPG, management and Real-Time Strategy. The game action takes place in a vast city, superbly rendered and bustling with life: Paradise City. I... 
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