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Developer: The Games Company Publisher: Atari Category: Adventure  
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Melvin is a misfit. For his love for fantasy he is traded as a madcap by his classmates. HeŽd rather be a knight, magician or adventurer than just being Melvin. Every sunray is full of magic, in every tree is a puck; and if it was in his hand he would hunt down every gangster in the world with a magic wand. Every hard crash with reality rips him out of illusion and gets him down. That’s why he goes on an adventurous journey by the help of candle magic. Features: * Varied and twisted story in a fantasy setting * Unique quest design through day and night identities of the characters * Change between day and night possible at any time * Detailed 2D backgrounds with animated objects * Quest diary with multi-level quest help * Realistic illumination and light effects * Change between day and night is possible at any time showing the totally contrarian day and night personalities of the characters * Four-dimensional time travel quests * Innovative quest diary with high score display and variable quest help

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