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Exodus from the Earth
Developer: Parallax Arts Studio Category: ShooterOfficial site  
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Exodus from the Earth is an action-packed shooter based on an advanced engine ĞRiposteğ provided by ToolsMedia Corp.. The game utilizes all the capabilities of the modern processors and video accelerators for the creation of the highest possible realistic and enriched game environment. Action takes place simultaneously in two worlds, in the nearest future on the Earth and on a distant planet with uncommon inhabitants and landscape. During gameplay the player will meet with various characters from security service agents to cyborgs, robots and mutants. The player will have to solve numerous quests and eventually to find out if human life and civilization are possible beyond the Earth's confines. Outstanding visual effects, realistic physics, destructible objects, various characters and means of transportation, dynamic and unpredictable gameplay combined with nice hi-poly locations and unique weapons will ensure players the highest possible feeling of action and dynamics incidental to the best modern shooters.

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Exodus from the Earth announced 10:52 - 12 04 2007
Parallax Arts Studio has announced Exodus from the Earth, a first-person shooter developed based on the ToolsMedia Corp. technology.The game takes place in 2016. Mankind reckons for five billion years before the Earth starts to die. In reality it ... 
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