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God of War (Playstation)
Developer: SCEA Category: ActionRelease date: 22 March 2005Official site  
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Teh best game evar. Ma rog pina apare altu :) God of War (Playstation) gamebox

Latest God of War Screenshots   
God of War (Playstation) screenshot 7God of War (Playstation) screenshot 6
God of War (Playstation) screenshot 5God of War (Playstation) screenshot 4
God of War (Playstation) screenshot 3God of War (Playstation) screenshot 2
Latest God of War News  
God of War banned in the Emirates 14:42 - 18 04 2008
In a strike against the westerners that bring their corrupt values to the muslim society, God of War has been banned from the game shops in the United Arab Emirates.Apparently, the game based on the Greek mythology is not good because it encourages p... 
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God of War for PSP and PS3 09:52 - 13 03 2007
Cory Barlog, director for God of War 2, has announced that the PSP edition of God of War it will be an all new video game that is a continuation and fleshing-out of the PS2 version, with no rehashing of old assets. Beside that, Barlog has also reveal... 
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