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Gothic 3: The Beginning
Developer: Jowood Publisher: JoWood Category: RPGRelease date: 15 January 2008Official site  
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Based on the story from the Gothic PC gaming series, Gothic 3: The Beginning takes place in a turbulent world, dating 140 years back from the first installment in the Gothic series. Players will slip into the role of young Xardas, who has been chosen by God Innos of the Island of Kohrinis to capture and return magic rune stones to his people. In your quest to obtain the immense power of these magic stones, you will be forced to confront up to 14 different enemies and battle your way through more than 50 different scenarios. Gothic 3: The Beginning is currently in development by HandyGames™, known for their extensive programming experience in mobile phone gaming, and will be available by download starting January 15th 2008.

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Gothic 3: The Beginning - Official Website Launched 11:41 - 24 12 2007
In a rough world, set more than 140 years prior to the first part of the Gothic series, it's up to you to change the fate of Myrtana. You slip into the role of young Xardas who is visited one night by Buthomar's Ghost, servant of God Innos himself. H... 
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