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Developer: Firefly Studios Publisher: Gamecock Media Group Category: RPGRelease date: Q1 of 2009.  
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“When we discussed working with them again, they asked if we wanted the next Stronghold or an original title. The team was insanely passionate and committed to the new original title, so it was a no-brainer for us, we choose that,” said Mike Wilson, CEO and Head of Marketing for Gamecock Media Group. “They understand that consumers want something more than another sequel and we plan to support that vision.” “Having worked with Mike and Harry in the past, we know we have a publisher that is exciting and creative in outlook, but also supremely capable in having fresh ideas and titles such as Hero break out,” said Simon Bradbury, CEO of Firefly Studios. “They are a very artist driven and flexible company and we think, perfectly placed to take on ‘the establishment’ in the shifting sands of the publishing landscape!” Hero is the first game to take you into a real dungeon, one where a shadowy evil has come to feed on despair. This a dungeon at war - not a place with bags of gold just lying around! This action RPG uses Firefly's dazzling new HD engine, allowing the player to storm heroically through underground halls while taking in the detail and complexity of a world previously unseen. Master melee, ranged and magic skills and 'Close combat' a totally new, brutal mode of fighting as you battle your way through vast crowds of monsters. Fight alone or have a friend drop in to survive - and maybe even save - the darkest society imaginable! Hero is slated for a Spring 2009 release on a PC and a next-gen platform.

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