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Developer: .theprodukkt Publisher: .theprodukkt Category: Shooter  
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KKrieger gamebox

.kkrieger makes extensive use of procedural generation methods. Textures are stored via their creation history instead of a per-pixel basis, thus only requiring the history data and the generator code to be compiled into the executable, producing a relatively small file size. Meshes are created from basic solids such as boxes and cylinders, which are then deformed to achieve the desired shape - essentially a special way of box modeling. These two generation processes account for the extensive loading time of the game — all assets of the gameplay are reproduced during the loading phase.

The entire game uses only 97,280 bytes of disk space. In contrast, most modern first-person shooters fill one or more CDs or DVDs.According to the developers, .kkrieger itself would take up around 200–300 MB of space if it had been stored the conventional way.

The game music and sounds are produced by a multifunctional synthesizer called V2, which is fed a continuous stream of MIDI data. The synthesizer then produces the music in real time.

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kkrieger Full Game 95.09 KB 15:58 - 13 04 2012 
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