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Kindom Under Fire II (PC)
Developer: Phantagram Publisher: N/A Category: MMOGRelease date: Q1 of 2009.  
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Kindom Under Fire II (PC) gamebox

No Description Available

Latest Kindom Under Fire II Screenshots   
Kindom Under Fire II (PC) screenshot 7Kindom Under Fire II (PC) screenshot 6
Kindom Under Fire II (PC) screenshot 5Kindom Under Fire II (PC) screenshot 4
Kindom Under Fire II (PC) screenshot 3Kindom Under Fire II (PC) screenshot 2
Latest Kindom Under Fire II News  
Kingdom Under Fire II Announced 17:44 - 29 01 2008
We have word from IGN that Blueside has once again teamed up with Phantagram to bring PC and console gamers a new installment in the Kingdom Under Fire series. “Kingdom Under Fire II” is a true action RTS sequel to the world acclaimed Kingdom Under F... 
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