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Mass Effect 2 (PC)
Developer: Bioware Publisher: Electronic Arts Category: RPG  
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Latest Mass Effect 2 Screenshots   
Mass Effect 2 (PC) screenshot 2Mass Effect 2 (PC) screenshot 1
Latest Mass Effect 2 News  
Mass Effect 2 Arrival trailer 13:50 - 29 03 2011
A new and final DLC is coming out for Mass Effect 2. Pity I probably did not play almost half of the game I guess because I did not get any DLC (and they're quite a few...) Anyhoo check out the trailer below :    
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Mass Effect 2 Teaser Trailer, Artwork 01:38 - 21 02 2009
Lookie what we got here : first Mass Effect 2 Teaser plus 2 artworks.  
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Mass Effect 2 Interview. 12:07 - 18 02 2009
If you skipped the recent buzzes about Mass Effect 2 and the new Mass Effect DLC, the below video sums it all up for you. 
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