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Mass Effect 3
Developer: Bioware Publisher: Electronic Arts Category: RPGRelease date: Q4 of 2011.Official site  
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Mass Effect 3 gamebox

Mass Effect 3 will be the upcoming third and final game in the Mass Effect trilogy of video games developed by BioWare, and published by Electronic Arts with a tentative release date of "Holiday 2011" (referring to the November-January holiday season). The game will be released simultaneously on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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Latest Mass Effect 3 News  
Mass Effect ends with 2 DLCs. FInally. 10:29 - 04 03 2013
Here's the official : Mass Effect 3: Citadel – Single Player DLC When a sinister conspiracy targets Commander Shepard, you and your team must uncover the truth, through battles and intrigue that range from the glamour of the Cit... 
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Mass Effect 3 free DLC Rebellion Pack 22:15 - 30 05 2012
Here you go suckers, you can now f**k a quarian male of a cerberus defector free of charge in Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Pack. Oh there's also some new weapons, but who cares. Let's f**k ;)    
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*Bioware is dying ? 11:18 - 21 03 2012
Or so it seems. The company has been hit by massive criticism from all over the place (well maybe except from a few big-elevators-big-businesses media company websites). Here's what the people who brought their games over the last few year... 
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Latest Mass Effect 3 Downloads  
Mass Effect 3 v1.0 +10 Trainer Stuff 1.24 MB 10:52 - 11 03 2012 
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