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Might and Magic X : Legacy (PC)
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment Category: RPGRelease date: 23 January 2014Official site  
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Might and Magic X : Legacy (PC) gamebox

Dive into Might & Magic X Legacy, a first-person RPG that has pledged to respect the tried-and-tested tradition of its illustrious ancestors, as it leads you to epic adventure and quests while exploring the wild peninsula of Agyn.
Create your own party of four Heroes, choose their races, classes and skills and discover a new perspective of Ashan, never seen

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Might and Magic X : Legacy released 13:26 - 27 01 2014
Ubisoft released Might and Magic X. "Now it’s time for you to explore the Agyn Peninsula and prove yourself a true adventurer. With your party of four, get entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in and aroun... 
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