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Raider Z
Developer: MAIET Entertainment Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Category: MMOGOfficial site  
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Hunt or be hunted! Enter a world dominated by fearsome beasts, where surviving is no easy feat.

Experience the heart-pounding thrill of the hunt as you track down and slay epic monsters in this non-targeting action MMORPG. Your skills will be tested in the land of Rendel. Prepare to dodge and parry your way to victory! You will be thrown, crushed and even eaten-alive by colossal beasts.

Hunt Together or Die Alone!

Latest Raider Z Screenshots   
Raider Z screenshot 4Raider Z screenshot 3
Raider Z screenshot 2Raider Z screenshot 1
Latest Raider Z Downloads  
RaiderZ US full client Full Game 3.5 GB 11:57 - 13 12 2012 
RaiderZ EU full client Full Game 3.67 GB 11:36 - 13 12 2012 
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