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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Developer: Ascaron Publisher: Encore Software Category: RPGRelease date: Q4 of 2008.Official site  
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Latest Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Screenshots   
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screenshot 26Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screenshot 25
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screenshot 24Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screenshot 23
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screenshot 22Sacred 2: Fallen Angel screenshot 21
Latest Sacred 2: Fallen Angel News  
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Gets Delayed RPG 13:01 - 26 12 2007
We have word from the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel website that Sacred sequel's release date has been pushed back to September 2008 in order to ensure the best possible quality and stability of the game. Although a playable demo prior to game launch, as w... 
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