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Silent Hill 5
Developer: The Collective Publisher: Konami Category: AdventureRelease date: Q1 of 2008.Official site  
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Silent Hill 5 gamebox

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Latest Silent Hill 5 Screenshots   
Silent Hill 5 screenshot 9Silent Hill 5 screenshot 8
Silent Hill 5 screenshot 7Silent Hill 5 screenshot 6
Silent Hill 5 screenshot 5Silent Hill 5 screenshot 4
Latest Silent Hill 5 News  
Silent Hill Homecoming delayed 19:08 - 02 10 2008
Silent Hill Homecoming PC is still not available via Steam, despite Konami's announcement that it will be available this Tuesday.A possible cause is a controls problem: the lack of a inverted control option for your camera view. The problem is pres... 
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Silent Hill 5 comes to PC 22:52 - 20 08 2008
Silent Hill 5 or Silent Hill Homecoming, comes to PC.The game is scheduled to be released next month and will be available only as a digital download via Steam.EL SEGUNDO, CA - August 20, 2008 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today revealed that... 
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Silent Hill 5 Screenshots 22:50 - 28 02 2008
Konami has released nine new screenshots from the PlayStation 3 version of Silent Hill 5. 
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