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Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back
Developer: Sandbox Strategies Publisher: Activision Category: Shooter  
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Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back gamebox

The saga continues with the organization known as “The Shop,” where players take on the role of a hired mercenary blasting through brutal do-or-die battle scenes in the world’s most dangerous criminal and terrorist hotspots. Soldier of Fortune Payback evolves the signature gameplay of its predecessors with refined controls, tension-packed warzones, and an enemy damage system that may be shocking to even experienced FPS players. Boasting more weapons options than any previous Soldier of Fortune installment, Soldier of Fortune Payback’s impressive arsenal includes an array of more than 30 weapons including sub-machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, projectile explosives, weapon attachments and cutting-edge tactical weapons. Soldier of Fortune Payback will satisfy online gamers with many of their favorite online multiplayer modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Elimination, Team Elimination, Capture the Flag, and Demolition. Additional online options include maps tuned specifically for multiplayer action, persistent stat-tracking throughout the gamer’s online career, and many server settings for custom online play. The - storyline reflects today’s trend of “outsourcing” wars. When a routine escort mission goes horribly wrong, freelance mercenary Thomas Mason finds himself battling an insidious enemy that knows no boundaries. Traditional armies can not handle these extremists – only underground guns for hire can fight a war this dirty and get results.

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Soldier of Fortune Payback Goes Gold 10:27 - 09 11 2007
Activision has annouced that the third entry to the Soldier of Fortune series, finalized by developer Cauldron HQ, has gone gold. The game will ship to stores on November 13 on the Xbox 360 and PC, with the PlayStation 3 version arriving on Novemb... 
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