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Space Quest 5
Developer: Dynamix Publisher: Sierra Category: AdventureRelease date: Q1 of 1993.  
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Teh best game evar. Ma rog pina apare altu :) Space Quest 5 gamebox

Space Quest V: The Next Mutation is an adventure games in Sierra's Space Quest series, and just like its brethren, it's characterized by lots of humor (and lots of opportunities to die horribly). SQV is entirely mouse-controlled: you interact with the world by clicking on locations, people and objects on the screen, and you can cycle between various actions (Walk to, Look at, Interact with, Talk to, Give Order to - your garbage scow has a crew over which you preside!) by clicking the right mouse button or by using the icon bar. The icon bar also contains icons that allow you to access your inventory, quit the game or change the settings.

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Space Quest 5 - Full Game Full Game 6.73 MB 14:21 - 05 01 2011 
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