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Developer: Maxis Publisher: Electronic Arts Category: SimulationRelease date: 7 September 2008Official site  
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The next evolution in gaming is upon us. From the mind of Will Wright, the creator of The Sims™, comes SPORE™, an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of life through the development of civilization and technology and eventually all the way into the deepest reaches of outer space. Begin your odyssey at the dawn of life as a simple microbe just trying to survive, then use the fun, intuitive Editors to evolve the creature from its microscopic origins into an intelligent, tool-using race. Guide your species as it builds (and the player designs) villages, buildings, cities, and vehicles. Along the way to becoming a global civilization you can choose whether to hunt or forage, attack or trade, be nice or play rough! All the action takes place in a huge, lush world populated with creatures evolved by other players and shared over SPORE's central servers. When it's ready, your one-time pond scum launches into space in its UFO on a grand voyage of discovery, planet forming, or destruct-ion! As you explore and play in this limitless universe of unique worlds, your personal Sporepedia tracks all the creatures you've met and places you've visited.

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Latest Spore News  
Spore's first add-on 17:41 - 06 10 2008
Beware, the money making machine at Electronic Arts has started.Looks like the first Spore add-on will be called Spore Cute and Creepy Parts Pack and will be available on November 18.We didn't come up with that, Gamestop and Amazon did. 
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SporeCraft 12:41 - 26 09 2008
Kotaku has some images from the korean-website-you-dont-understand showing Starcrafts' terrans replicated in Spore.Hm.10x Kotaku. 
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Spore makes more victims 21:30 - 17 09 2008
It's of couse our favourite aussie. 
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