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Star Trek: Online
Developer: Cryptic Studios Category: MMOGRelease date: Q3 of 2008.Official site  
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Star Trek Online will deliver action, adventure and combat mechanics unique to persistent world games. Its design includes a rich array of solo and multiplayer missions set in space, on planets and in starbases throughout the universe. At launch, it will take place during the 24th century timeline in the series, with other aspects of the Star Trek universe to be interwoven and added through expansions. Players will encounter characters, places, and situations from their favorite Star Trek movies and television series; will explore incredible new worlds; and will cooperate with or battle friendly and hostile races throughout the game.

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Star Trek: Online screenshot 1 
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Star Trek Online Trailer and speech 13:55 - 11 08 2008
A bored Mr. Spock, a non-funny developer and a tiren MMO if you axe me .... Star Trek Online Las Vegas Webcast from Cryptic Studios on Vimeo. 
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First in-game screen from Star Trek: Online time I will 19:31 - 05 12 2007
The very first released IN-GAME screenshot from Star Trek: Online. Looks good but I really hope that the next time I will have the opportunity to see more than: "The second released IN-GAME screenshot". "While flying through space in a starship, pl... 
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