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The Last Remnant (Playstation)
Developer: Square Enix Publisher: Square Enix Category: RPGOfficial site  
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The Last Remnant (Playstation) gamebox

The Last Remnant is a completely original RPG title, taking advantage of the power of next-generation hardware to build a lush, realtime fantasy world. Making full use of the power of Epic Games' flexible middleware solution, Unreal Engine 3, Square Enix can now achieve simultaneous development on multiple platforms. The game's battle system has been carefully crafted to deliver a brand-new experience for gamers, as they control forces in massive battles between up to seventy different units at once. Today's press conference also featured a demonstration of the game, showing off the dynamic world and sprawling landscapes of The Last Remnant. Long ago, the world was filled with Remnants -- mysterious artifacts from an ancient civilization. But as time passed, the powers of the Remnants began to shift the world's balance. As the rift widened between those who ruled and those who were ruled over, a new era dawned: one of countless frays brought upon the world by those enslaved by their own lust for power. A thousand years later, the journey of one young man begins. Features :    * Imagine a vast, war-torn battlefield, scarred by years of conflict.    * Countless enemies surround the player, who is backed up by his own army.    * Threatened by numerous foes and saved in the nick of time by allies, players will feel the true tension of a soldier on the battlefield.    * As many as seventy units will duke it out at once in fierce yet beautiful battles.    * Backed by the visual power of next-gen hardware, the unique play style and battle system will challenge and invigorate players like never before.

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