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The Secret of Monkey Island
Developer: Lucas Arts Publisher: Lucas Arts Category: AdventureRelease date: Q1 of 1990.  
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Teh best game evar. Ma rog pina apare altu :) The Secret of Monkey Island gamebox

Deep in the Caribbean lies Melee Island, ruled by the beautiful governor Elaine Marley. The cruel pirate LeChuck is deeply in love with her - so deeply that he refuses to accept his own death! As a ghost, he dwells with his undead crew somewhere near the mysterious Monkey Island. You are Guybrush Threepwood, a young man whose only wish is to become a real pirate. At the Scumm Bar you meet three pirates who tell you'll have to complete three difficult tasks in order to be worthy of this title. Could Guybrush ever suspect that while trying to complete those tasks, he will encounter the governor Elaine Marley, fall in love with her, and face the anger of the dreadful ghost pirate LeChuck?! This is when Guybrush' adventure truly begins!

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Happy birthday Monkey Island 08:57 - 06 09 2015
Monkey Island - legendary swashbuckling adventure - turns 25 this month! Get over to the Grumpy Gamer blog and read about it from Ron Gilbert himself. Maybe even get excited at the possibility of a new Monkey Island, who knows... :)  
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