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The Witcher
Developer: CD Projekt Publisher: Atari Category: RPGRelease date: 30 October 2007Official site  
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The Witcher gamebox

The Witcher returns to the tradition of the role-playing genre with a fresh and modern approach, emphasizing story and character development in a vibrant world, while incorporating spectacular and well developed combat system like no game before it. The story is set in the world described in five books - giving additional credibility and depth of the background of the story. The game features the player as a „Witcher”, a warrior who has been trained to fight since childhood, subjected to mutations and trials that transformed him. He earns his living killing monsters and is a member of a brotherhood founded long ago to protect people from werewolves, the undead, and a host of other beasts. The Vision Our vision of the game can be described as: A modern story-driven RPG with unique hero, stunning visuals and easy-to-use, yet complex combat system. Perfect both for fans of storytelling and admirers of vigorous action. Main Features Deep and intriguing storyline    * Interesting story full of twists and turns in a complex and coherent setting.    * Most quests can be accomplished in several ways.    * Three different endings that depend on player's actions and choices throughout the whole adventure. Dynamic and visually spectacular action    * Real time combat with motion captured animations performed by a master of medieval sword combat.    * Ragdoll and rigid body physics, powered by Criterion’s Karma Engine to simulate interaction with opponents as well as elements of surrounding.

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Latest The Witcher News  
Patch-upgrade Witcher to Witcher EE 22:20 - 20 09 2008
For those of you who own the original Witcher game, the official site offers you the posibility to upgrade to Enhanced Edition for free.The significant changes featured in the enhanced version are over 200 new animations, additional NPC models and r... 
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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition in September 15:12 - 23 06 2008
The Witcher Official site has word about the date when The Witcher: Enhanced Edition will hit the store shelves. It's the first half of September.The announcement comes after almost 2 months since the delay story.CD Projekt RED would like to announce... 
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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Delayed 23:16 - 21 04 2008
The official launch of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition was delayed until it's done.CD Projekt RED announces that the release of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition has been delayed. The delay can be attributed to the company’s goal of making The Witcher: Enh... 
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