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Ultima IX : Ascension
Developer: Origin Systems Publisher: Electronic Arts Category: RPG  
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Ultima IX : Ascension gamebox

Ultima IX: Ascension is the ninth and final part of the main series of the role-playing video game series Ultima.

Following the Avatar's escape from Pagan, he is transported back to Britannia for one final battle with the Guardian, who is increasingly ruining the physical and moral fabric of that land by use of eight columns. The Avatar must fight his way to the runes of virtue found in each of the columns, and cleanse them of the in the shrines of Virtue, then face off against the Guardian himself.

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Latest Ultima IX : Ascension Downloads  
Ultima 9 Ascension patch 1.19f Patches 1.86 MB 14:22 - 24 01 2013 
Ultima 9 Ascension patch 1.19h Patches 974.34 KB 14:22 - 24 01 2013 
Ultima 9 Ascension patch 1.18 Patches 5.93 MB 14:20 - 24 01 2013 
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