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X Motor Racing
Developer: Exotypos Category: SimulationOfficial site  
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X Motor Racing gamebox

X-Motor Racing offers an unique experience which hasn't similar experiences. Customizable racing simulation. All is customizable because it's possible to modify all the car specifications, including the physics. This can be useful for many things. It can be useful for adapting a car to the real model car and to make it to behave as the real one, modifying the tyres physics to behave as slicks, to make the grip different depending on the temperatures, etc.

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Latest X Motor Racing News  
X-Motor Racing F1 online trailer 13:12 - 27 01 2014
Check out a trailer of the X-Motor Racing simulator and check out their demo.  
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Latest X Motor Racing Downloads  
X Motor Racing Editor Tools 125.53 MB 19:15 - 14 01 2013 
X Motor Racing Windows Demo v1.45 Demos 163.49 MB 18:57 - 14 01 2013 
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