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Deus Ex 3 : Human Revolution
Developer: Eidos-Montreal Publisher: Eidos Interactive Category: ActionRelease date: Q1 of 2009.Official site  
 4 May 2011

Deus Ex 3 system requirements

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Here's the requirements for Deus Ex 3 people : Deus Ex: Human Revolution Recommended PC Specs: OS: Windows 7 PROCESSOR: AMD Phenom II X4 or Intel Core 2 Quad or better RAM: 2 GB GRAPHICS: AMD Radeon HD 5850 ...
 24 March 2011

Deus Ex 3 developer walthrough

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If you're not too busy playing Crysis 2, check out a developer walthrough video of the first level of Deus Ex : Human Revolution...    
 6 October 2008

First official Deus Ex 3 details

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As we've announced a month ago, the PC Zone magazine has the first Deus Ex 3 details.You can read the long story here, or a short one below:- the game, set in 2027, will be a prequel for the first Deus Ex- Sheldon Pacotti, story writer for the first ...
 8 September 2008

Deus Ex 3 details in october

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As you can see from the scans, the October issue of PC Zone UK magazine will deliver to the world the first details about Deus Ex 3.
 6 December 2007

Deus Ex 3 is a Prequel?

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Did Eidos spot the slip and move quickly to eradicate evidence to protect a plot secret? Could be, because the rumor in question concerns alterations made to a recent Deus Ex 3 teaser trailer recently unveiled by Eidos Montreal studio ! They discove...
 2 December 2007

Deus Ex 3 Powered by Tomb Raider Legend Engine

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Eidos Montreal head Stephane D'Astous has announced that Deus Ex 3 is powered by the Tomb Raider: Legend engine. Word is:"Eidos has big plans for the new installment in its esteemed Deus Ex franchise, and will be using the game engine from another o...
 26 November 2007

Deus Ex 3 Officially Confirmed

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Celebrating the opening of Eidos-Montreal, its brand new development studio in the heart of downtown Montreal, Edios Interactiva has announced that Deus Ex 3 is already in the development stage. We don't have any details about the game right now or w...
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