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DirectX 12 details

Posted by newman [Tuesday, 25 March 2014 - 11:26]   No comments

Microsoft posted details of the next DirectX iteration. Swears it's not a marketing spin :)

"DirectX 12 introduces the next version of Direct3D, the graphics API at the heart of DirectX.  Direct3D is one of the most critical pieces of a game or game engine, and we’ve redesigned it to be faster and more efficient than ever before.  Direct3D 12 enables richer scenes, more objects, and full utilization of modern GPU hardware.  And it isn’t just for high-end gaming PCs either – Direct3D 12 works across all the Microsoft devices you care about.  From phones and tablets, to laptops and desktops, and, of course, Xbox One, Direct3D 12 is the API you’ve been waiting for."


"If you’re a gamer, you know what 3DMark is – a great way to do game performance benchmarking on all your hardware and devices.  This makes it an excellent choice for verifying the performance improvements that Direct3D 12 will bring to games.  3DMark on Direct3D 11 uses multi-threading extensively, however due to a combination of runtime and driver overhead, there is still significant idle time on each core.  After porting the benchmark to use Direct3D 12, we see two major improvements – a 50% improvement in CPU utilization, and better distribution of work among threads." (check pic below)

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