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Facebook buys Oculus Rift

Posted by newman [Friday, 28 March 2014 - 23:44]   No comments

In an interesting (as in wtf) turn of events, Oculus Rift got sold to Facebook for 2 billion dollars.

Didn't see that coming...

"Under the terms of the deal, Facebook will pay $400 million of the acquisition cost in cash, with the remainder made up by 23.1 million shares of Facebook stock (which closed today's trading at $64.10)."

I can see how this might make some people sad.

“We’re clearly not a hardware company. We’re not going to try to make a profit off of the hardware long-term…but if we can make this a network where people are communicating, and buying virtual goods, and there might be ads down the line…that’s where the business could come from.” - said M. Zuckenberg cited by


Markus "Notch" Persson has cancelled Minecraft for Oculus :)

"We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out."


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