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Half-Life 2
Developer: Valve Publisher: VU Games Category: ShooterRelease date: 16 November 2004Official site  
 6 February 2014

Steam is taking over

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Here's Steam Music "With Steam Music, you can now listen to your music collection while playing games. Once you’ve pointed Steam to your local music directory, your Steam Library will include Album and Artist views of your colle...
 6 October 2013

Steam Machines specs

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The Valve console namely Steam Machines (as they'll come in different shapes and sizes) now has some preliminary specs for the few hundred prototypes that are being made right now. GPU: some units with NVidia Titan, some GTX780, some GTX76...
 2 October 2013

Half Life 3 trademark registered

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Citing Polygon : "A trademark application for Half-Life 3, possibly the next entry in Valve's excruciatingly dormant Half-Life franchise, has been filed in Europe, according to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, the ...
 2 July 2013

Half-Life 2 official Occulus Rift support

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As we learn from the developers' blog : "We just shipped a beta for Half-Life 2 that includes Oculus Rift support. To get it, open the properties for HL2 in Steam by right-clicking on the name of the game in your library. Set your com...
 8 May 2013

Psychology and videogames at Valve

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Here's a piece of a piece from Venturebeat that you might find interesting: "The physiological signals can convey information about whether the gamer is angry, afraid, energetic, engaged, jubilant, happy, sad, bored, fatigued, pa...
 5 November 2007

Half-Life In 60 Seconds

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Most likely the best thing that you will see today ! Bang-bang ... bang-bang ... ... blah blah blah mister Freeman ...
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